MANCASE 17-F1-039

50x50x100cm (+10cm wheels)
5700 €
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Time to party with this mobile discobar & bar!
Have your party everywhere with the built in bluetooth hi-fi music installation and the big cross wheels. Nice details are the vintage wheels, the X-shaped porthole and the big handle on the back. This is the one and only EYE & EAR catcher in your interior!



  • blue-purple disco fabric
  • black satin metallic parts
  • handle
  • porthole
  • speakers
  • cross wheels
  • Malfred label
  • unique serial number plate


  • creamy velvet
  • bluetooth hi-fi music installation
  • dark oak
  • led lights
  • softclose drawer
  • bar accessories

Contact us and have your own unique hand made Malfred​